Hatch Unveils Its Latest Innovation: iStartSmart Mobile!

The Power to Transform Early Ed with iStartSmart Mobile Presented by Ginny Norton, Hatch President

11/02/11 Unveiling Event at NAEYC

Attendees at the NAEYC Annual Conference in Orlando on Wednesday, November 2nd got to see something spectacular – the big unveiling of iStartSmart Mobile, our latest innovation. And now you can get a first-hand look at it, too! This content-rich system (delivered on the latest portable tablet hardware, which is perfect for use by both children and adults) can bring to the future of early learning education!

NAEYC 2011 Tablet Hatch Goes MobileThe iStartSmart Mobile offers all of the effective features of our award-winning (seriously – it’s won awards; click here to read about the latest one), all-in-one computer, iStartSmart, but with the added mobility and ease of use of a tablet device for kids. This new mobile system lets us (and you) take advantage of the latest hardware advances, breakthroughs in cloud computing, and the most recent research on school readiness to create an innovative one-to-one computing tool that students are going to love – along with teachers, administrators and parents.

Why? Because the new iStartSmart Mobile system offers more than 500 activities that guide children toward mastering eighteen skills that research has shown to be essential to children’s math, literacy, and language development. It tracks each student’s progress to see what he or she knows, then automatically moves on to an activity that teaches something new. That way, kids don’t stagnate by learning the same things over and over. iStartSmart Mobile also uses a proprietary report management system to provide teachers with real-time data so they can plan their daily instruction to focus on where the kids really are, not just where they think they are. With cloud-based computing, teachers and administrators can access this data via internet connection, anytime and anywhere.

Hatch’s new iStartSmart Mobile system represents a major step toward realizing technology’s power to transform teaching and learning in early education. Check it out and let us know what you think. We want to read your comments!

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