U.S. Department of Education Devotion to Educational Technology Heightens

In an interview with eSchool News, Karen Cator, Director of Education Technology in the U.S. Department of Education, reviewed a new program. The Effective Teaching and Learning from a Complete Education program would consolidate funds from several grant programs into this new initiative. “This new initiative would ‘include a focus on integrating technology into instruction and using technology to drive improvements in teaching and learning throughout all content areas.” Ms. Cator says that federal officials recognize and understand the need to continue to support state and local leadership capacity when it comes to education technology. She has a desire to continue funding e-Rate to bring broadband access to high poverty areas. “We want to make sure there are ways to fund the infrastructure for learning inside the schools,“ she said.

This focus Is exciting. Yesterday, as I watched my 10-year old grandson use his dad’s iPhone to play a guitar “Happy Birthday” song with his cousins and brother singing along, I wondered about the digital divide and children of poverty having access compared to their peers. They were singing to their 90-year old great-grandfather. After the song ended my father said, “Nathaniel, I heard some of your guitar but I didn’t see the guitar. Where was it?“ Yes, there is another divide out there – older folks not understanding or willing to ignore it. How would you describe yourself?

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