Using YouTube in Early Learning Classrooms

We were excited to read about YouTube Teachers yesterday on MindShift.

Here are 5 ideas for using YouTube in early education:

  1. Start the day (or each activity) with a video that allows a child to experience something they’ve never seen before
  2. Be relevant to children by saving video that interests and engages them by organizing custom playlists
  3. Post video archives of work and achievements (your making recordings on your interactive whiteboards already – right?)
  4. Get parents involved! Share your playlists of in-class video or learning focused content that can help struggling children get up to speed or explore  concepts deeper in their home environment.
  5. Join the exclusive Teacher Community for weekly email tips and to share ideas with other educators.

If you’re a teacher and plan on leveraging this new free tool on YouTube, let us know your plans and ideas. We’d love to hear them! Do you think this is something you would find valuable to use in your classrooms?

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